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Welcome to your second term at WPI! On behalf of the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, I would like to congratulate you on your fairly recent high school graduation, and on having completed one-sixteenth of your undergraduate college career!

College is a great time to find your true self. Balancing the rigors of a WPI degree with social relationships, co-curricular commitments, community service, and on-campus employment is no mean feat. These aspects of college in general, and of WPI in particular, serve to create an environment that fosters self-discovery and promotes growth in all aspects. It is these aspects of college life – indeed, of life both within and without college – that serve as the basis of WPI’s nationally-recognized Greek system.

Beta Theta Pi has completed its fourth year on the WPI campus. We have made significant strides in establishing our culture, laying the groundwork for future generations to build upon. We have recruited men that we are proud to call brothers, and have ensured the strength of the fraternal bond. We hold our values dear, and strive to live by those values in all the multifaceted walks of life. We hold regular social events with other Greek organizations on campus, and are involved in organizing in philanthropic events.

We pride ourselves on our diversity, with brothers being regularly involved in sports, Inter-Fraternity Council, International Student Council, honor societies, clubs, and committees. We are looking forward with immense enthusiasm and excitement to see our Colony grow and thrive, by continuing to maintain that fine balance between academics and social life that allows well-rounded growth to occur.

Once again, many congratulations on your decision to attend WPI. Your next few months will be filled with many important decisions. One of those decisions will be the people you choose to surround yourself with. We would love to talk about the fraternity experience with you, and help provide a clear view of our great fraternity and the people that we choose to surround ourselves with daily. I hope you have a great year, and I look forward to getting to know you this Rush.

Ethan Gouveia


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